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I like twirling on top of mountains, you?

Hi, I’m Daisy. I’m a Graphic Designer and Copywriter with a passion for adventure and self care. I’m from Vancouver, Canada but I love to explore and see the world, so creating a career where I can do both is the dream. 

Layout design is my jam. Whether that be designing websites, creating social media graphics, or designing a magazine, I love finding a place for everything on the page. I also know how powerful good branding is and I'm determined to discover the WHY behind your branding so you can showcase yourself in the best way possible. I also do custom illustrations and copywriting. My aesthetic is clean, feminine and a little boho. 

Since my background is in communication, I like to portray that in my designs with pieces that tell the story first and then look pretty second (we all love pretty things but the design has to get the point across). After all, graphic design is also called visual communication. 

I graduated University with a BA in English and Anthropology. Afterwards, I started working in Marketing and fine tuning my writing skills. Although I really liked copywriting, I discovered I wanted to expand my knowledge of the marketing industry. So, I enrolled in a Graphic Design program and here I am!

See more of my work and follow along on my adventures with me. I can’t wait wait to work with you!

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